All Natural Daily SPF: Finally!

We wear sun protection every day. Why? Because 90% of the signs of aging (wrinkles, spots, etc.) are cause by sun damage. Plus, with all the amazing natural products out there, why compromise? 

Here are our favorite natural SPFs:

For normal to dry skin.

  • This is a stellar new product launched by a woman-owned, independent brand. As an added bonus, it has antioxidants in it to enhance the sun protection.
  • Feels & smells like: creamy moisturizer; fragrance-free
  • Key ingredients: 20% Zinc Oxide
  • EWG: no EWG rating yet. Ingredients appear all natural per our review.
  • We love this daily moisturizer with SPF 30 because it is all natural, affordable and great for those of us with dry skin. Paula is on a mission to put only the safest products in our hands and on our skin, and she succeeds.
  • Feels & smells like: creamy moisturizer; fragrance-free
  • Key ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 3.85%, Zinc Oxide 3.12%
  • Safety: no EWG rating yet. Ingredients appear all natural per our review.

For sensitive skin.

  • Cotz is a favorite for it’s reasonable price point, non-greasy finish, and high SPFs. Even Tracie Martyn, celebrity facialist and skin care guru admits to using it. Plus, it’s over 4.5 stars on a number of sites.
  • Feels & smells like: Rich moisturizer. Generally, no white residue. No sunscreen smell.
  • Key ingredients: 20% Zinc Oxide
  • Safety: EWG low hazard rating (green/level 2)

Other option (details above and below):

For oily and acne-prone skin

  • Widely recommended by physicians, eltaMD is a go to favorite for those with sensitive, rosacea, or acne-prone skin. It is hard to beat this product in terms of level of sun coverage and consumer love.
  • Feels & smells like: smooth, light moisturizer; fragrance free
  • Key ingredients: 9.0% Zinc Oxide
  • Safety: Safe. EWG Moderate Risk (Yellow / Level 3)
  • A cult favorite, this can double as your powder.
  • Feels & smells like: loose powder
  • Key ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 21%, Zinc Oxide 11.8%, fossilized Red Algae (Guards against infrared, UV, and visible light.)
  • Safety: EWG low hazard rating (green/level 2)

All of these products easily slot into your morning routine:

Did we miss something? Share your favorites so we can add them to the list.