How it works

Take a minute to tell us about you. We will give you very personal product picks based on your skin, your preferences, your local season, so you never have to worry about finding your perfect product.

Every product we recommend has been screened for it's safety and efficacy

Our mission: beauty simplified. We know you are busy - so let us take care of finding perfect products for you.


About Barlow

I started this company because I got pregnant and found that my skin had changed. I did a lot of research into different beauty products online, but still couldn’t figure out what products were right for me

Beauty is very personal and very important to me. This company combines the human touch with technology to bring you the most personal, expert recommendations you can find, in the comfort of your home. 

Sincerely, Dru Armstrong, CEO @DruArmstrong

Our approach

Barlow is committed to bringing you the best products. We research them so you don't have to. 

We take product safety and efficacy seriously.

For safety, we follow the Environmental Working Group's rating system, which evaluates products based on their ingredients and how well science understands those ingredients. 

We evaluate products effectiveness through consumer reviews, our assessment and the brand's own research.

We present you with the information, you decide if you are comfortable.

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